ensuring healthy and strong bone regeneration reducing patients’ pain associated with bone lesions

developing optimally performing bioinspired biomaterials mimicking the natural physiological processes underlying bone repair

smart bioactive biomaterials fitting within the lesions and recruiting the body’s cells to reconstruct the bone

a radical innovation in state-of-the-art to address the morbidity and mortality of bone lesions

latest news

InnovaBone Clustering Day for new research themes

InnovaBone organized a Clustering day gathering 8 EU-funded projects on November 13th, 2014. The m...

MIT scientists develop new material that stimulates bone growth

MIT chemical engineers have developed a new method of stimulating bone growth.

Texas A&M University team develops spongy polymer to fill bone defects...

A Texas A&M University team, led by Dr. Melissa Grunlan, presented their research this week at the...